When someone close to you dies, it is a very emotional time, and taking care of the funeral

yourself may seem overwhelming.   This can be a richly rewarding experience however, where

you play a meaning fun part in the final farewell.

At Exit Caskets, we can help  by providing you with a unique, beautifully designed casket and the necessary information you need.

A simple cremation   is one of the most affordable options for a funeral in NZ, and an Exit Casket is ideal for this.

We are happy tp supply just the casket, or, in Dunedin a complete service with pick up, casket and all costs can be done for under $2600

We are seeing families having meaningful remembrance ceremonies with the ashes at a later date when everyone can gather.  Situations are many and   you can make it special to what was special in that person’s life.

Our caskets are lightweight, (approximately 22 kg), yet strong. They are constructed of untreated pine plywood  and coated with a water-based varnish. You can personalise them to your heart’s content if you wish. There is a natural throw of carded Perindale wool from a local high country farm inside the caskets, that provide a lovely soft base for your loved one to rest.

Excluding freight, Exit Caskets are $950 including GST. The Dunedin Crematorium fees are at present $907 incl.