Casket Options

Blk caskgoodOur caskets comply with approved industry standards and are crematorium approved and tested to 150kg.

Size  At this stage we have two sizes available. The internal measurements are 6’1” (1855mm) long by 560mm wide and 340mm deep.

The larger size is 1910mm by 580mm by 360mm deep



purp                                            Exit Caskets have the wonderful natural pine woodgrain feature, with a woodstained line trim, that comes in purple, green or black.
 Colour greenDSCN1765




Exit caskets have natural wool sourced from local farms lining the bottom.

Alternatively you can lay your loved one on a blanket or similar,  personal to them.




If you are preparing for your own funeral in the future

and would like to have your casket ready to make it easier

for your family, consider the addition of shelves, and or a

clothes hanger. This makes your Exit casket useful in the

meantime….Just tell us what you would like and

we will make to suit.

Be aware that there are restrictions on materials to be placed in caskets before

cremation to ensure a safe working environment and protection of the environment


No latex based rubber or plastic garments or footwear

No jewellery or metallic objects containing lead

No glass including eyeglasses or bottles

No toys with batteries or cellphones

Although it may be tempting to include memorabilia or mementoes such as waders (fishermen) or

bottles of beer or whisky or rifles or bullets, these

can be dangerous, toxic and polluting.